BLT Potato Salad

This BLT Potato Salad is so delicious! It is a combination of creamy red potatoes, crisp bacon, sweet tomatoes, and garden fresh lettuce.  | Pick Fresh Foods



Summer is in full swing! I can hardly believe it is July. We just celebrated my husbands’ birthday yesterday. Our kids were up early to spend the day with their dad. That is a gift in itself! Normally these people sleep pass breakfast.

They were really awesome kids!  They were up and ready to make him a birthday breakfast.

This BLT Potato Salad is so delicious! It is a combination of creamy red potatoes, crisp bacon, sweet tomatoes, and garden fresh lettuce.  Pick Fresh Foods

I’ve been quite impressed at how they have taken to cooking. I don’t know if you remember, but part of our summer goals were to have the kids cook a meal every week. It has been so great!


My daughter seems to really enjoy going through cookbooks looking for recipes. My son generally picks something we have had regularly for his meal.

BLT Potato Salad | Pick Fresh Foods

My daughter, like her mom, is a huge pasta lover. She has made homemade macaroni and cheese, chicken teriyaki, and tortellini alfredo. Each dish was fantastic. I’m impressed with her ability to make a good béchamel sauce.

My son has made some delicious grilled chicken kabobs and apricot glazed chicken.

This BLT Potato Salad is so delicious! It is a combination of creamy red potatoes, crisp bacon, sweet tomatoes, and garden fresh lettuce.  | Pick Fresh Foods

He hasn’t spent nearly as much time in the kitchen as his sister, but he is doing a great job. First and foremost, his knife skills have improved considerably.

I seriously cringed as he first held one of my good sharp knives. If it is possible to cut through a solid cutting board, I think he could do it.

He was using so much force with every slice. My poor knives! After several times of me stopping to correct him, he finally understood that you don’t need to apply so much force or pressure when using a knife. A sharp knife will do the work for you. I could see the “light bulb” go off in his head as he effortlessly glided the knife though a piece of chicken.

If that knife had a voice, it would have been thanking him too 😀

BLT Potato Salad | Pick Fresh Foods

So, on your birthday you get to choose what you want for dinner.  One of my husbands favorite foods is potatoes. He loves them any and all ways. But, he is always asking for potato salad. So, I’m always looking for new ways to prepare it for him.


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BLT Potato Salad | Pick Fresh Foods

I have this pot of curly lettuce growing on my deck. It is one of the only plants I have not managed to kill, so I am quite proud of it. 😀

This lettuce is growing so quickly that I’m trying to use it everyday.


BLT Potato Salad | Pick Fresh Foods

So, I decided to use my lettuce in a potato salad. A BLT potato salad! I love how the lettuce and tomatoes add so much color to the potatoes.

We really loved this salad.  It’s creamy and full of great flavors, texture, and is perfect for any BBQ.


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BLT Potato Salad
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Serves: 8
  • 1½ lb. red potatoes, quartered
  • ½ tbsp kosher salt
  • ¼ cup reduced fat sour cream
  • ¼ cup reduced fat mayonnaise
  • 1 cup grape tomatoes, quartered
  • 5 strips bacon, diced
  • 2 cups curly leaf lettuce, chopped
  1. In a large pot cover potatoes with cold water. Add salt to the pot and boil for about 20 minutes or until fork tender.
  2. Drain potatoes and let cool.
  3. In a small bowl combine sour cream and mayonnaise. Season with pepper.
  4. Pour sauce over cooled potatoes and gently stir to cover potatoes. Taste for seasoning; add more salt or pepper if needed.
  5. Add in bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes.
  6. Serve warm or chilled.






  1. This is such a fun potato salad! Love twists on old classics :)

  2. Potato salad is such a quintessential summer side dish. This one looks great – especially with the bacon. I know that would be a big hit in my house. :) Too funny about your kids cooking. That’s a great idea – big time life skills! And I’m super jealous of all of that lettuce!

    • Alyssa, them cooking is so awesome. It is one day I don’t have to do it 😀 I’m still there with them but it nice not to plan for it. They seem to be learning, so that’s good.
      Thanks Alyssa

  3. consuelohoneyandfigs says:

    Happy Birthday to your husband!! Also, your kids are sooooo sweet! My brothers would never ever ever get in the kitchen lol haha.
    This salad looks utterly delish. BLT + Potato Salad = heaven.

    • Thank you Consuelo 😀 I’m sure if I didn’t make my son do some cooking he would be just fine with that. He loves making pancakes and waffles, but I want him to learn to cook dinner meals.
      This salad is wonderful and yes BLT and potato salad is heavenly 😀

  4. Yummy! This looks so good, Cindy! I love the idea of BLT potato salad, that sounds perfect, especially for the summer! Your curly lettuce looks great, I think I need to go get a curly lettuce plant! I’m not having the best of luck growing lettuce right now, probably because it is so freaking hot outside these days! That’s great that you are teaching your kids to cook, they will thank you later for that :)

    • You definitely need to get a curly lettuce plant. I’m finding that it is so easy to grow and it grows really fast. I love it! However, it is the one of the only plants that are doing well. Most have died because of crazy temperatures and others just are stagnate. I wish I was a great gardener 😀

  5. Sounds like your kids are learning to be great helpers in the kitchen! I think that such a wonderful idea to do that with them. It’s something they will always remember! I absolutely love everything about this salad, Cindy! Such a creative way to incorporate potatoes for your husband, and even better to make it a BLT salad! Your lettuce is gorgeous, too. I grew some in my garden several years back, but yours definitely looks a lot better than mine did! :)

    • Thanks Gayle. After seeing my son use a knife I am really happy he is learning. He even scares my daughter when he is holding one. She is constantly correcting him. Funny cause she is 3 years younger.
      This salad is so delicious! Everyone loved it and my husband was happy 😀

  6. Awesome potato salad! My daughter is a huge pasta lover as well, me not so much. It’s great to get the kids involved in the kitchen. I am teaching mine early. Happy holiday weekend to you and your family.

    • Thanks Kathy. The pasta is easy for my daughter to prepare, so I think that is why she likes cooking it. I think it is important to get them involved in the kitchen and household chores. I meet way too many teens who are clueless and they always say that no one ever taught them or that their mom always did everything. I don’t want mine to be like that.
      Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Cindy, I am starving literally looking at this gorgeous salad. I can stuff this in between thick slices of toasted bread and call it a day!!

    • You know what…I use to love to eat potato salad in a sandwich. Every time my mom made it I always hoped there would be just enough to fit in a slice of bread 😀 Thanks Ami 😀

  8. I love the combination of ingredients in this salad. I would have never thought of putting the potatoes with the lettuce, great idea. Hope you husband had a great birthday.

    • Thanks Dawn, he said it was a great day. The lettuce in the potato salad works and taste great all combined together 😀

  9. So good to hear that your kids are cooking and improving in the kitchen. Love this best of both worlds salad :)

  10. This salad looks amazing, Cindy! BLT is definitely one of my favourites!

  11. I remember you talking about those summer cooking goals! So impressed that they’re taking to the kitchen. I really think cooking is an undervalued and important skill to learn when you’re a kid. So great! I wouldn’t mind borrowing them for a pasta dinner around my house, if you don’t mind hehe. And bechamel is totally impressive! Wow. Budding chefs! Adorable.

    This salad looks incredible! Love the addition of lettuce for a little crunch and bright contrast to lighten it up. Deeeelish! Also, I am so jealous of your garden lettuce -looks glorious!

    • They are doing a fantastic job. My girl isn’t afraid to try to make anything.
      I’m loving my little lettuce plants. It is so awesome to go outside and pick fresh for dinner 😀 Thanks Allison!

  12. How sweet of your kids! I think it’s great that they’re wanting to cook more. This potato salad looks wonderful! I love the BLT twist!

  13. That’s so great your kids are in the kitchen learning to cook…I really need to school mine, too. They’re at the age where they need to know how to make a few basic things! I know I will like anything with BLT in the name, and this looks like a very original and delicious potato salad! That curly lettuce was a great idea, Cindy. Have a great holiday! :)

    • It is so fun having them in the kitchen. The teacher in me loves it 😀
      BLT in any form is always delicious. It is hard to not love the combination.
      Have a great weekend and hope you guys enjoy some good fireworks!

  14. I love potatoes, too, AND a good! BLT – so I would be all over this!

    • Potatoes are great in any form. The BLT combination is fantastic in this salad. I just love all the flavors. Thanks Bianca!

  15. What a delicious update to the potato salad. It was super sweet to hear about your kid’s adventures in the kitchen. Happy birthday to your husband!

  16. Great idea to make a BLT potato salad … and if I had lettuce on my patio I’d be putting it into every dish too!
    That’s so precious that your kids are getting into cooking. Like mother like children, right? :-)

  17. I think the man of my house would love this salad too! I wish I was your neighbour and I would totally help you with your lettuce abundance. 😉 Your little garden looks so lush and green. Love it!

    • It is really delicious Sharon. My guys keep asking me to make it again. Ha
      I’d happily share my lettuce with you. It is growing so fast. Every day I go out to water it looks like it has grown several inches!

  18. This look so good, Cindy. Funny, I don’t even like potatoes that much but I sure love potato salad in the summer. I really enjoy my visits to your blog. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

    • Thanks Robyn. I like potato salads, but I am super picky about the flavors. This one is great! Hope your weekend is fantastic!

  19. That’s so awesome that your kids have taken to cooking like that! Do they like the cleanup process just as much? LOL. 😉 And this potato salad! Girl, you know you speak my language whenever ANY kind of salad has the word BLT in it. Haha! Looks amazing, Cindy!

    • Haha, no the cleanup is never fun. My daughter loves to make the mess, but no cleanup. My son is great at the cleanup. Maybe I should have them work together 😀
      Thanks Sarah

  20. I love BLT’s Cindy, so this salad looks like it’s perfect for me! Anything with bacon is good, right? :-)

    • Bacon may not be the healthiest, but it does taste great. I think moderation is key to enjoying everything you like 😀

  21. Happy Birthday To your husband! I am a hue potato salad lover too and I love this BLT version. So awesome you are teaching your kids to cook!

  22. I don’t have much of a green thumb, either, but lucky you with your own stash of lettuce in your yard! Your BLT potato salad looks delish…adding bacon is never a bad thing :)

    • I hope I figure out this climate so I can grow more vegetables. The growing season is super short so I need things that grow fast. I’m loving this lettuce and it is wonderful in this potato salad.

  23. I love making BLTs during the summer – how fun is this in potato salad form!

    Hope you had a great July 4th!!

    • My guys love BLTs for the bacon. This is my way of giving it to them in a smaller quantity. A little bacon chopped up goes a long way in this salad. Thanks Ashley!

  24. Sounds like your hubby had a great birthday and I love how your kids are cooking. I’m playing in the kitchen with my 9-year old this summer. I think he’s probably absorbing 10% of what we’re doing but I figure that’s better than nothing. : ) I love your pot of lettuce and what a great idea to use it in potato salad! And I’m with your husband – love potatoes!

    • Fantastic Monica 😀 I think it is never too early to get kids in the kitchen. I find they learn a lot just from watching you work.

  25. I love that your kids are getting involved in the kitchen! Such a great way to get them excited about what they’re eating AND teach them some life skills. Like how to use a knife without cutting through your kitchen counter. 😛

    What a great potato salad! So perfect for a summer bbq.

    • Ha, yes knife skills are definitely important. Having them cooking is really building the confidence in the kitchen. They see it isn’t hard or complicated as they first thought.

  26. spicedblog says:

    Oh yes, this salad looks delicious! And don’t you love the difference that real knives make? I actually enjoy chopping things now that I’ve upgraded! :-)

    • Thanks David. Good knives made a huge difference in cutting and chopping. It’s awesome to cleanly cut veggies and not destroy them in the prep process.

  27. What great kids you have Cindy!! I love it when kids help out in the kitchen! This salad looks delicious! :)

  28. I adore potato salad! And BLTs … drool. I love summer foods!
    Aw what a sweet gift! You are raising your kids right Cindy! :)

  29. Happy Bday for your hubby, you have such nice kids. You are so brave letting them into the kitchen I have an 11 year old little chef who is very eager to cook but I am so afraid the he might hurt himself that I barely let him dice tomatoes for salad :). Your salad is very colorful and nice.

    • Thanks Amira 😀 My daughter begged me a few years a go to let her cook. I did a lot of pre-teaching on how to measure, how to hold a knife; etc before she ever got to actually do something by herself. Now she loves it.

  30. Hi Cindy! Hope your husband enjoyed his birthday, it sounds like it. Wish I had Internet access this past week while on vacation so I could have made this for the 4th of July! Will pin for next year!!! What a great spin on the class potato salad.

    • Thank you Laura. It was really great and he was happy…so, I was happy too 😀 Hope you had a great vacation Laura. Getting away sounds wonderful 😀

  31. Hey Cindy! I hope your husband had a great birthday. This potato salad looks amazing.. Love that you added bacon in the salad.. yummm .. :)

    • Bacon is always tasty in anything. I try to not use too much, but enough that you get the taste. Thanks Arpita 😀

  32. It’s sooooo cool to hear stories of your kids cooking!!! <3 Your daughter seems like she's loving her time in the kitchen and that is just brilliant!!!!! Hope you guys had a GREAAAAT time celebrating your husband's birthday! :) This potato salad is calling my name!!!!!! That lettuce plant looks amazing! I need to grow my own too but I'm afraid I'm going to forget to water them !!!! haha!

    • Thanks Samina 😀 IT is really fantastic having helpers. I love my lettuce plant and have it in a spot where I see it everyday so I remember to water. I’m terrible about forgetting to water and then everything wilts or dies. Ha

  33. So awesome that your kids are cooking and helping out and happy birthday to your husband! Sounds like you’ve been having a great time :). This salad just adds to that with how gorgeous it is!

  34. That’s so awesome that your kids are helping you out in the kitchen and happy happy birthday to your husband :) Can’t believe it’s July already, the year is just zooming by – hope you had a great holiday weekend! This potato salad looks amazing – love the blt twist you added :)

    • I can’t believe how time is flying by Kelly. Summer vacation will be over before we know it. I love having everyone home and being able to get my kids in the kitchen. Normally, we are rushing around and I make dinner while they do homework. I’m just trying to enjoy every moment 😀 Thanks Kelly

  35. Happy bday to your hubby! The colors in this salad are beautiful!

  36. Nothing bits a good refreshing potato salad during the summer. Looking wonderful with all those colors.


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