7 Apps for Getting Healthy

Cheers to a Happy and Heathy New Year!

Remember that everyday is a great day to begin again. Being and getting healthy not only benefits you today, but makes a difference in your long-term health.  Make a commitment to make time to workout, take care of your body, and eat whole foods.

Here are some Apps that I like that can help keep you fit or get you motivated to get moving :)



  • RunKeeper has been my long time friend.  You can track your running, walking, hiking, biking, and many other activities with this mobile app (iPhone and Android). You can log in to the website to get further insight into how you’re doing against yourself or your friends. New updates now let you create a training plan. http://runkeeper.com




  • iMuscle is a fantastic workout aid that can be taken anywhere, I use it on my iPad. This app makes it easy to identify a body part or individual muscle with a 3D human body, with the musculature exposed. Click on a body part and you’ll get a variety of  exercises associated with working out that muscle. http://applications.3d4medical.com/imuscle



  • Strava is great if you have a Garmin.  Strava lets you track all your runs, rides, and cross-training. Upload your activities from your Garmin, Android or iPhone and Strava will automatically log all your workouts. www.Strava.com


get running

Get Running (couch to 5k)




  • Keeping track of your calories is made easy with MyFitnessPal. It is one of the largest food databases for calorie counting (over 2 million foods),including fast food. MyFitnessPal also lets you enter your goals and exercise to help keep you on track.   http://www.myfitnesspal.com/iphone



  • Garmin Fit a favorite of my husband. This program lets you make the most of your exercise routine. It puts a wealth of valuable data right at your fingertips. Using your smartphone’s GPS, the app tracks your movements and provides you with your current speed, distance traveled, elapsed time and calories burned. Plus, with the built-in music features, you can easily select the perfect soundtrack for your workout.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/garmin-fit/id446196700?ls=1&mt=8



  • I love a great pedometer. It really lets you see if you are moving or not. Fitbit helps you track your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and your active minutes. It will even sync with some wi-fi scales.  All these functions combine to give you a great picture of your health and progress.


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 ~ Cindy


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