Orange Mango Smoothie

Orange Mango Smoothie...Delicious and Healthy! Starbucks made better (Copycat) | Pick Fresh Foods

Orange Mango Smoothie…fresh oranges and mango blended with vanilla protein. It’s delicious, smooth, creamy, and full of great nutrients. These bright, fresh flavors are sure to leave you feeling re-charged after a good workout!


Life is good!! My kids are out of school for the summer! My hubby has 3 more workdays until he completes his final flight as a military aviator.  The weather has finally begun to warm up. We’re spending more time outdoors enjoying these beautiful days together. 

The longer days really make me lose track of time. In the winter sunset happens around 5pm. Now, it is not until after 8pm!

I feel like we can get so much done in a day. That is if my kids will wake up at a reasonable hour. Let me tell you…teenage kids can sleep! I’ve got to get these guys on some type of schedule or the will sleep the summer away. 

Orange Mango Smoothie...Delicious and Healthy! Starbucks made better (Copycat) | Pick Fresh Foods

So, I’ve started by having my kids make some summer fitness goals.  

My daughter’s goal is to get back into running shape for the cross-country season. She ran last year for the first time and did very well. My girl is very competitive! She will kick it into high gear to keep someone from passing her in that last 100 yards. Not wanting to get beat is enough to want to train harder.

My son’s is to workout and build muscle. He has been doing P90x3. He is super committed to completing this program. He will stay up late just to get that workout in. It must be the age, but all of his friends seem to be obsessed with getting stronger and more muscular. He’ll be in great shape for soccer season.

Orange Mango Smoothie...Delicious and Healthy! Starbucks made better (Copycat) | Pick Fresh Foods

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I set a couple of goals of my own. One is to finally finish decorating and unpacking our house. We moved in and unpacked our boxes, but not everything is as organized as I like.

I have also made it a goal to teach both my kids to cook an entire meal for the family. They will plan, shop, and prepare one meal a week. I’ll let you know how that goes 😀


Orange Mango Smoothie...Delicious and Healthy! Starbucks made better (Copycat) | Pick Fresh Foods

Hopefully, it goes just as smooth as this Orange Mango Smoothie. I saw this combination at Starbuck’s and knew I could do it better 😀

I combine a clementine, fresh mango, banana, ground flax, and vanilla protein powder. Then blend that with some water and ice and it is amazing! I love this smoothie after a good workout. These bright, fresh flavors are sure to leave you feeling re-charged!

My Orange Mango Smoothie not only is delicious, it is full of great nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and fiber.


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Orange Mango Smoothie
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Serves: 2
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 small clementine orange
  • 1 cup fresh mango, chopped
  • 1 small banana
  • 1 scoop (33g) protein powder
  • 1 tbsp ground flax
  • 1 cup ice
  1. Combine ingredients in the order listed into a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Enjoy!



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  1. This looks delish! So many bright and fresh flavors and colors, will have to try soon. :)

  2. realfoodbydad says:

    Love this smoothie, Cindy. All of my favs in one and my boys would love it too. Thanks!

  3. Oh this looks delicious! I love adding protein powder to smoothies for a little extra staying power.

    • Me too Danielle. If you drank both servings this is a great meal replacement, that would keep you feeling full for hours!

  4. I really like the later evenings, too! I feel so much more productive :) This smoothie would definitely accomplish that too! Its harder to get fruit based smoothies to fill me up, but this one would do the trick. I’m all about mango, too, its so delicious!

    • Summer days are the best. We get a little warm during the day and the night gets chilly. We spend so much time outside.
      This smoothie would be good for you…no dairy, no gluten 😀

  5. Another great smoothie recipe to add to my collection. I make smoothies every morning, so happy to find new recipes. Looks beautiful Cindy.

  6. Love all that good energy you’ve got going on out there, Cindy! And I love the fact that this smoothie sneaks in ground flax! Sometimes I get “lazy” with protein powders and simply prepare them with water or milk, but this would be a delicious twist. The orange/mango combo sounds so refreshing!

  7. These are my two favorite fruit drink flavors! How’s that for some alliteration this evening? LOL yum!

  8. I really admire how you have a summer game plan going with your kids. My son is going to be 9 soon and even at that age, I feel like we need some objectives/targets to keep things on track and be productive through the summer. I can’t imagine how it’ll be when he refuses to wake up before noon when he’s a teenager! Congrats to your husband on his final flights. I’d toast him with your smoothie if I had it. Boy, it looks hearty but light and refreshing!

    • Monica, my kids love to sleep in. It’s all good until you want to do something or go someplace and you can’t get them moving. Haha When they were younger I always did “summer learning” with them. They work on various subjects everyday. I have to keep them busy or they will get lazy quick. 😀

  9. My siblings LOVE smoothies and are always begging my mom to make them, and she’s always looking for a new flavor combo. I am definitely going to be sharing this recipe with her! Looks fantastic!

  10. Orange and mango are such a great combination! Would love to have this for breakfast. Sounds like your summer is already off to a great start!

    • I think so too. We were out at Costco and they were sampling smoothies. My husband said it taste good but was loaded with sugar. This one is much healthier and delicious.

  11. What a great idea to teach your kids how to plan meals!! I’ll have to keep that in mind someday when I have kids! This smoothie looks soo refreshing and good.

  12. This smoothie sounds delicious – I love anything with mango involved : ) And I love that you are planning to get your kids involved with meal planning / cooking! That’s a great idea!

    • Thanks Ashley, I’m excited to see how they do with the planning and shopping. I want them to see it is more than just throwing things into a cart 😀

  13. I love your summer goals, Cindy — getting the kids to cook sounds like a great idea! I love how your kids have fitness goals, too. I need to get back into running shape as well. haha This smoothie sounds like the perfect, refreshing way to wake up or snack!

    • Thanks Marcie 😀 I’m a little nervous with the cooking because I’m kind of a control freak. Letting go is hard. 😀 I do think it will be fun and a good experience for them both.

  14. I’m always looking for new protein shakes to try and this one looks fabulous! I love mango! I’m going to have to get my teenage kids on a summer schedule too. They don’t finish school until next week so I have a few more days to prepare :)

    • Thanks Christin! This one is a deliciously healthy treat 😀
      I have to get my guys in some type of schedule or they would either sleep all day or never come out of their rooms. Haha

  15. This smoothie looks amazing – I love anything with mango 😉

    • Me too Olivia 😀 Funny thing is, I didn’t like them at all when I was a kid and now I can wait for them to arrive in the market.

  16. I could chug this down right now! Looks so tasty!

  17. What a great morning smoothie! Good luck with teaching your kids to plan and cook a meal! That sounds wonderful! Mine are only 2 and 5, but I’m already teaching them to help in the kitchen. I look forward to the day when they can cook me a meal! :)

    • That’s awesome that you have your little ones in the kitchen. My daughter has always loved helping out and in the last few years she has really taken to cooking and baking. I think my son is really going to benefit from this, he doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen. Plus, I’m excited about not having to cook 😀

  18. I was going to buy some orange mango juice today but I’m glad I didn’t… I just want to make this homemade smoothie instead!

  19. Cindy, I’m the same way when summer comes around… I loose track of time! Dinner is always later and the kids sleep in longer. Which is fine by me… peace in the mornings are my fave! Loving this smoothie with the orange and mango… my kiddos would really devour this!

    • Gloria, I’m glad it’s not just my family. I’m thinking I need to get up earlier to enjoy more of that peace 😀

  20. That’s awesome that you have your little ones in the kitchen. My daughter has always loved helping out and in the last few years she has really taken to cooking and baking. I think my son is really going to benefit from this, he doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen. Plus, I’m excited about not having to cook 😀

  21. This looks like sunshine in a glass! And I hope your kids enjoy learning how to cook a meal :)

  22. Cindy, it’s a great idea to teach your kids to cook. I learnt so many basic things from my mum when I was younger … things that I still remember today. Love the smoothie … orange and mango is one of my favourite flavour combos!

    • I love teaching to cook. It is a little math and science all combined into a meal. I love to cook for everyone ,but I think it is an important lesson. I meet way too many kids who admit they don’t have a clue in the kitchen.

  23. Love that your kids are setting workout goals this summer! It’s making me think that I should set one as well…must think.

    This smoothie is awesome! So deliciously vitamin C rich!

    • Thanks Joanne! They have been out of school for one week and I can already see they are less active. The fitness goal is a must! I love to see them getting ready to do their workouts 😀

  24. This looks like summertime in a glass! I’ve also seen that starbucks drink, and know that it’s probably a little too high in sugar for my tastebuds -I’d much rather sip on this! That’s fantastic that your kids are off on summer break! I remember those days -so much fun. And I love that they set some summer fitness goals, that seems like a really positive way to encourage a healthy lifestyle! Can’t wait to hear about your kids’ dinner takeover :)

    • I see all the drinks that Starbucks sells and the pics always look so tempting, but I too know they are not super healthy and usually loaded with sugar. This Orange Mango Smoothie makes me happy 😀
      Ah, the celebration of summer break is wonderful. We all look forward to it. I just love having everyone home.
      They are doing a great job with the workouts. My son is a little too obsessed with protein. I’ve got to tame that a bit. He wants me to give him a analysis of his needs. Crazy kid. 😀
      First meal is this week! Neither have said what they will be making yet. But, I see them thumbing through some magazine and recipe books. I’m excited!

  25. Goooodness! Totally agree with you! If I could, I would really sleep the whole day and I’m not even a teenager anymore! 😀 Love the fact that you have prepared an awesome summer schedule! Sounds SOOOOO INTERESTING! Spending summers outdoors is the best thing ever! This smoothie is also easily one of the best smoothies ever created! I LOVE ORANGES AND MANGOES together! It just tastes sooooo good! I can’t wait to make these with the protein powder!

    • Haha funny Samina. Maybe some of us never grow out of that phase 😀 this smoothie is delicious. So easy and full of great nutrients.

  26. Love this smoothie, I’m actually in the makings of something similar! It sounds like sunshine in a glass :) and good luck on your goals!

  27. That is so nice that everyone is off for the summer! How exciting that your husband is almost finished, what a big change that will be! I’m jealous that your weather is finally nice enough to hang out outdoors in, the weather here just go hot enough to make me want to sit inside with the AC all day long. These smoothies look like the perfect drink to have in my hand while I’m relaxing inside! So fresh and summery! It sounds like you have a lot of fun plans for the summer. Good luck decorating the house and have an awesome time cooking with the kids :)

    • I hear you. My in-laws live in Phoenix and they said it has been in the 100’s. I feel bad complaining that it is in the mid 70’s. But, I do have to say at this higher elevation the sun is much stronger so it feels hotter. Stay cool my friend 😀

  28. That’s one thing that I probably haven’t put in a smoothie yet….oranges. Looks oh so good and healthy.
    Have a wonderful Monday!

    • Thanks Melanie! I definitely prefer using oranges over purchased orange juice. I figure you get all the benefits by tossing in the whole orange 😀 I guess I could make orange juice but this is so much easier. Have a great day!

  29. So glad to hear life is good and that you and the kids are enjoying the summer Cindy. Yay for getting your kids involved with meal planning too. This smoothie looks fantastic – mango and orange is one of my favorite smoothie combinations – I love the added protein powder in here. Sounds like the perfect healthy start to get the day going :)


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