Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles

Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles


Well, I finally did it! I got on Amazon, shopped around, and finally added popsicle molds into my cart. Now, I’m officially a Popsicle mold owner and the timing couldn’t be any more perfect!


We are having our hottest weather of the year right now. It’s not hot like it would be in Texas or Arizona this time of the year, but Colorado hot. That means nearly 90 degrees F.  We also live in a house that doesn’t have air conditioning. That means I’m H-O-T and it is perfect popsicle making time!

Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles

Watermelon is perfect for making popsicles!

Popsicles need water and sweeter to freeze perfectly. Watermelon has natural sugar and plenty of water. 😀

Combine that with some fresh strawberries and this is a perfectly sweet and flavorful popsicle.


Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles

Strawberries and watermelon make the perfect healthy popsicle.


These are A-MAZING!


Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles

These are so simple and you don’t need to add extra ingredients to make these delicious!


Just chop up some watermelon and strawberries. Toss them in a blender…DONE!


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Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles


Freeze and get ready for some super sweet and fruity popsicles.

They are the best way to cool down this summer!


Cindy @ Pick Fresh Foods




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Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles
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Serves: 6
  • 2 cup cubed fresh watermelon
  • 1 cup fresh strawberries, chopped
  1. Combine watermelon and strawberries in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Let rest for 5 minutes.
  4. Pour into popsicle molds. Freeze for 6-8 hours.



  1. Ahhhh why don’t I own a Popsicle mold yet?? I’m dying to make these!

    • Erin, it took a long time for me to finally buy these. I’ve been tempted my so many tasty looking popsicles that I decided it was time to take the plunge 😀

  2. I don’t own a mold yet either. But it is on my list. I got my baked doughnut pan. Yay. And now I have to figure out which relative has my spring form pan.

    • Okay, Carol you need to jump in and get some of these molds. I’ve been going crazy making popsicles. It is so easy, fun, and they taste amazing! So much better than what you can buy at the store 😀

  3. I’ve looked everywhere for a popsicle mold and can’t find any nicer ones, I’ll have to try Amazon!

    I love the simplicity of this recipe. These look so delicious and watermelon is so incredibly delicious right now!

    • I looked at target and bed bath, but didn’t see anything that I liked. They were all really little kiddie size. I really like these and am having fun using them.
      I too love how simple this recipe is. I tried it a several different ways, but was most happy with just the fruits. Thanks Danielle

  4. Awesome Cindy!!! Congrats on the new molds. It looks like you made perfect and quick work of them to make a great summer treat! :-)

    • Thanks Kristi 😀 I’m always happy with a new toy. Although I need to slow down on my purchases or I won’t have any place to store all this stuff.
      Hope you have a great weekend 😀

  5. Oh my gosh Cindy, this is the PERFECT recipe for summer! I can’t believe it’s just fruit! They look so refreshing. And those popsicle molds look great – I’ll have to check out Amazon!

    • Thanks Alyssa. That watermelon is perfect for making popsicles. I tried making them adding some other liquid and sweetener, but found these had the best texture and flavor. Believe me, these were well tested 😀
      I love Amazon, but sometimes I think they make it too easy for me to shop. Haha

  6. These look absolutely amazing Cindy!!! Just what the doctor ordered for this hot Cali weather (:

    • Thanks Connie. I love how easy these are without adding anything extra. Definitely, makes this hot weather a bit more bearable.

  7. realfoodbydad says:

    These are so great, Cindy, perfect flavors!

  8. Love this simple recipe! It’s been 90+ here the past few days and I’ve been using store bought Popsicles. :(. I did order some on Amazon today, so I can’t wait to get them! Healthier than ice cream, Popsicles are perfect to best the heat!

    • Sometimes, simple is best 😀 These are really fantastic without adding extra stuff.
      I can’t wait to see what you make with your molds 😀

  9. The handles are the perfect colour for your first batch of Popsicles :)

  10. These popsicles look so refreshing! I love the watermelon flavor. And I love your molds, too. I may just have to try Amazon to find these. I bought some from my grocery store and they’re just too small. Pinning!

    • Thanks Gayle! I really like the size of these molds. I have found some at target and they were way too small for my liking. Thanks for Pinning! Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. This look so delicious and really beautiful too!

  12. These look awesome! I love how cute the pink and green colors are :) I seriously need to get some popsicle molds before summer ends!

    • Thanks Medha. I hadn’t planned on the colors matching. I was just looking to make something tasty and it all worked out 😀 Don’t you just love when that happens?!

  13. Hi Cindy, found your site through Robyn’s, very nice. This looks like one of the healthiest popsicle recipes I’ve seen yet. Pinned!

    • Thank you Cheri. I read lots of different recipes, but for me using just the fruits was perfect. Plus, I love that you still get all the fiber from the fruits 😀 Thanks so much for visiting and Pinning! I’m headed over to see your blog 😀

  14. What a great idea to use watermelon in popsicles like this! It’s been soooo humid by us so I am alllll about the popsicles right now!

    • We have been so hot here and with our elevation, I feel like the sun is burning through me. Lots and lots of popsicles are a must!

  15. What a delicious combination! And so easy to make! I didn’t know you were in Colorado. I’m in Denver for a few days visiting my parents and sister :)

    • Wow, really?! I was just up there for a soccer game. Do you live in Colorado?We’re going on 2 years living here and we love it!

  16. OMG these look so great right about now. I have been dying from the heat lately too! They look so fruity and refreshing. I love the vibrant colors. And OMG? No AC? How do you live in 90+ weather with no AC?! I suffer in the summertime, especially during times when I am without AC. Oh and thanks for enjoying my writing! I hope you will like the book. I started sharing on Goodreads! Are you on there?

    • Thanks Kim! Living without AC is not always fun, but we are figuring out how to survive. We cool down at night, so we open windows to cool the house and first thing in the morning we close them all to seal in the cooler air. Our house is also in a heavily treed lot, so there isn’t a lot of direct sun. I still miss that cold AC blowing 😀
      I am on Goodreads! I’m going search for your work!

  17. These look so beautiful…and so refreshing! I need these in my life now! Thank you for sharing Cindy!

  18. Great idea :) I have been loving watermelon- mostly for making cocktails– this summer!

  19. These popsicles are such a pretty color and I bet he combination of watermelon and strawberries tastes marvelous. Nothing like a cold refreshing treat on a hot summer day :)

  20. These popsicles look gorgeous, Cindy! The flavor combination sounds so refreshing and I love the pretty color! With only two ingredients too? Can’t wait to make these – pinning :)

    • I think these are pretty awesome and I love that you just need the fruit. The watermelon has all the liquid need to freeze these perfectly 😀 Thanks for Pinnng, Kelly 😀

  21. A popsicle is one purchase you will never regret! I use mine all the time, especially in the summertime! I love all things watermelon and don’t know why I’ve never thought to make watermelon popsicles, I need to try these out soon! Although, I will have to eat them inside because I think they would melt the second I took them outside! Stay cool, Cindy :)

    • I too love watermelon! I’ve always loved watermelon flavored snow cones, so I thought popsicles with the real thing would be fantastic. So glad we made these…they are delicious!
      Yes, definitely eat these inside. You guys have been very hot. I’d need cold baths or lots of these popsicles to deal with the heat. 😀 Hoping you get some cooler weather.

  22. spicedblog says:

    I love these popsicles, Cindy! What a fun idea to throw some strawberries in there…sounds like summer all wrapped up in a delicious pop! :-)

    • Great summertime flavors in these popsicles. I love the strawberry watermelon flavor combination. It is very fresh and sweet 😀

  23. arent these just the best summer flavoured popsicles ever, i so could kick back and devour right one right now!

  24. Cindy, these popsicles look easy and have only natural ingredients in them, love it! I don’t have a popsicle mold yet….but Amazon here I come. You know, I was in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store looking to buy popsicles for my kids as a “healthy” treat”, um no! The list of fake, phony ingredients is unbelievable. I couldn’t even buy them. Can’t justify giving that junk to my kids. Your popsicles have nothing I’m afraid of giving the kiddos! Yay. And since it finally got hot here…….popsicle time!

    • I’m right with you Laura. I want those treats, but once I see the label and all the extras added in I put it right back. These are all natural and simply delicious! I hope you get some molds and try them out. 😀

  25. Ohh these pops couldn’t get any more perfect! I love how they’re healthy, easy to make and delicious. And pretty to boot as well – the color is beautiful!

    • Thank you Consuelo! They are so easy to make and no worries about extra things you don’t need. These are naturally delicious 😀

  26. So glad you finally took the plunge!! These fruity popsicles look super refreshing. It has been deathly hot here also, and I need to get a batch of these in my freezer!

    • I was tempted by so many amazing looking popsicles that I couldn’t help myself. So happy I finally go them 😀 Now, I’m whipping up popsicles like a crazy lady!

  27. Welcome to the exciting world of popsicle mold ownership! I can totally relate to how exciting it is to finally buy popsicle molds … I spent last summer blending and freezing pretty much anything I could think of! The upside was that my kids noshed on lots of healthy pops all summer … instead of all those fakey-neon-colored-artificial-ingredient-loaded concoctions from the grocery store. Love this uber-simple, beautiful recipe – totally pinning!! 😀

    • Thanks Shelley 😀 I don’t buy popsicles at the store. It is so hard to find ones that are natural. Making them at home is fun and they taste amazing. It’s a great summer now that we are loaded up with popsicles 😀 Thanks for Pinning, friend 😀

  28. What a beautiful color! I love how pretty these are! And I bet they taste fantastic! And bless you heart with no ac! I am in Tennessee and would die without it!

    • Annie, I really miss AC. That cool conditioned air blowing on me would be fantastic. I’ve learned lots of way to stay cool. Cold treats is at the top of my list 😀

  29. a wonderful refreshing treat. Almost everyone loves watermelon and these look wonderful.

  30. Frozen watermelon is the Best thing to be eating in this heat. I love it!

  31. How did you know we just picked our watermelons? Great time… can’t wait to eat these up!

  32. What a lovely idea Cindy! These are so so perfect for this heat!

  33. Oh, yum! I love that these popsicles are made with all fruit, making them a healthy and refreshing treat!

  34. Yay! Congrats on the popsicle molds—aren’t they amazing?! These popsicles look like the PERFECT way to beat the heat. Loving the combo of strawberries and watermelon! :)

  35. I love this recipe only have two ingredients and no sugar added. Perfect healthy summer treat 😉

  36. Just lovely! I love that these are just pure watermelon and strawberries … nothing else needed! Congrats on the new popsicle molds … you are making me want some, too!

    • Thanks Helen, it was a big step to commit to buying popsicle molds 😀 Haha
      I’m really happy I did and so are my kids 😀

  37. I also JUST got popsicle molds! I have been wanting them for so long and finally just went for it. Love these – and now I actually try them! :)

    • Fantastic! I was the same way.. I wanted them and finally just decide to take the plunge. I’m so happy I did. I can’t wait to see what you make 😀

  38. This looks so refreshing! I want one right now :)

  39. We have those same molds, and I can tell you from experience, they hold up fabulously!! Love, love, love watermelon pops, but I can only imagine how sweet and wonderful a watermelon strawberry pop is. I see a new pop soon in our freezer!

  40. Oh…you just combined my kids’ 2 favorite fruit in one pop! I guess I’ll have to make these soon for them. I know they’re going to love it for sure.


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