Mexican Chicken Skillet Dinner

Mexican Chicken Skillet Dinner


I am a tad bit obsessed with one-skillet meals. I have a white board with lots of meals and blog ideas scribbled on it. Half of the board has one-skillet meals!

Maybe, it is because I love a quick dinner or that I’m a bit lazy when it comes to doing dishes. I’m pretty sure it is a bit of both.


Mexican Chicken Skillet Dinner


After a busy day, my goal is to get dinner done fast and get out of the kitchen! Plus, my kids are cleaning up after dinner and I try to make as little mess as possible.  I’m kinda nice like that.

This dinner meets all the criteria for a quick and mess free meal. The best part it is delicious! It is full of great big flavors, veggies, and cheese.

Do you ever think that adding cheese to a meal makes it better? Yeah, me too.


Mexican Chicken Skillet Dinner


So, to make this a quick cooking meal I slice the chicken breasts in half lengthwise. This makes them nice and thin. You can buy them packaged at the store like this, but they are twice as expensive. Why bother when you can do it at home for less money, right?!

Mix a little spice combination, sprinkle it on the chicken, and get ready for a delicious dinner.

I usually call out for someone to help set the table and get drinks right before dinner is ready to be served. My guys couldn’t believe how fast they were being called to help.  This dinner is ready in less than 15 minutes! How awesome is that?!


Mexican Chicken Skillet Dinner-4
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This is one deliciously colorful dinner!

The chicken has a bit of spice, which is slightly tamed with the sweet corn and bell peppers. Oh, that melted cheese is bliss. It covers the chicken and blends in with the corn.

Cheese and corn…yum! Remember my corn dip?  I can’t get enough of this combination.

Mexican Chicken Skillet Dinner


I’m big on having a great balance of flavor and textures. I like having a little crunch in my foods. Here the bell pepper and jalapenos are perfect with the juicy spicy chicken. This meal makes my taste buds so happy!

Mexican Chicken Skillet Dinner

Ready…dinner is served! This is one meal you can’t wait to get in your belly, so hurry to the table.

Cindy @ Pick Fresh Foods





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Mexican Chicken Skillet Dinner
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Serves: 4
  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breast, trimmed and sliced in half lengthwise
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • ½ tsp paprika
  • ½ tsp ground cumin
  • ½ tsp kosher salt
  • ¼ tsp ground black pepper
  • 2 tsp vegetable oil, divided
  • 2 garlic cloves, pressed
  • 1 large red bell pepper, diced
  • 2 cups fresh or frozen corn
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • ½ cup grated Mexican cheese blend
  • 1 jalapeño, sliced thin
  • ¼ cup chopped cilantro
  1. In a small bowl combine chili powder, paprika, cumin, salt, and pepper. Sprinkle evenly over both sides of the chicken breasts.
  2. In a large oven safe skillet heat 1 tsp of oil over medium heat.
  3. Add chicken breast and sauté until both sides are browned and cooked through, about 6 minutes. Transfer to plate and cover.
  4. Add another teaspoon of oil to the pan along with the garlic and bell pepper. Sauté until garlic is fragrant then add the corn. Cook until corn is heated.
  5. Add the chicken back to the pan.
  6. Add water and pour lime juice over the chicken. Cook for 3 minutes. Sprinkle with cheese and place under broiler to melt cheese.
  7. Remove from oven. Sprinkle with jalapeños and cilantro.
  8. Serve with wedge of lime.





  1. One skillet meals are simply the best, this one is no exception! I love how fresh this dish is too. Such a wonderful recipe, Cindy!

    • I am seriously obsessed with one skillet meals. They are usually quick cooking and a big hit in my house. Thanks Danielle

  2. I love how colourful this dish is. I could eat Mexican every day. I love it!

    • Thanks Dannii 😀 I love colorful meals. Naturally colorful foods just scream I taste great and I’m good for you, right?!

  3. I could easily eat Mexican 24/7 and this looks awesome!

  4. Cindy,yes yes yes to this!! It’s like you know our favorite dinners and just made one that knocks them out of the park! I can’t wait to try this!

  5. realfoodbydad says:

    One skillet meals are my favorite too, and I love this one!

  6. I need to start making more one skillet meals because I HATE doing dishes and I always seem to dirty so many. I also love any dinner that has the word Mexican in it! I bet I could even give my husband this recipe and he could make it for me!

    • I definitely don’t like spending forever in the kitchen cooking, then having to cleanup. One skillet meals are a great time saver and I love that the cleanup is quick and I can join the family relaxing 😀
      Now you have the perfect idea…have someone else make dinner for you!! 😀

  7. I’m always up for a quick and easy meal, especially during the summertime – less time in the kitchen 😉

  8. This is a perfect weekday meal when time is short :)

  9. I definitely think cheese makes everything better! I always load up on the cheese in recipes, while my husband thinks it’s too much. But there’s never a thing as too much cheese, right? I love this skillet dinner! Sounds like the perfect combination of flavors. I’m all about easy dinner during the week, too, so I’ll definitely have to try this one out.

    • Oh cheese makes everything a bit better. I don’t need a ton, but enough that you can see and taste it and I’m happy. This dinner has the perfect amount. 😀

  10. Me too! Me too! I love, love, love one skillet meals. Definitely pinned! Oh, and Cindy… can you please send your kids over to do my dishes??? 😉

    • Thanks Kristi for the pin 😀 Skillet meals are fantastic. I really like them when I’m not looking for a huge meal. This is delicious and satisfying!

  11. You are very nice! If people are cleaning up after me, I tend to be a tad messier hehe. I too love one skillet meals! Something so satisfying and comforting about them. This looks ideal for summer with the corn and spicy flavours. Yum! Totally family-pleasing! I’m a little obsessed with mexican food right now!

    • Haha, I don’t want to scare them off so quickly. I’ve got them thinking that dishes are too bad. 😀 I go through obsessive phases. Right now, I am so loving skillet meals and anything Mexican.

  12. spicedblog says:

    This looks delicious! I love easy, weeknight meals…and cheese totally makes everything better! I dare you to find a dish that cheese won’t go with! :-) Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  13. Skillet suppers are the BEST. I love Mexican food, so this skillet sounds RIGHT up my alley! Gorgeous gorgeous photos, Cindy!

  14. I’m famous for saying….if they made such a thing as throwout pots & pans….I’d be buying them! How embarrassing to admit this!

    One skillet, oh yes, I feel like I wash the same 5 pots every. single. day. of. GroundHog Day movie anyone?

    This dish is to die for, you nailed it with the cheese, who doesn’t love it? Yum. And I like slices chicken in half too, just like you said, I just think it picks up more flavor and tastes so much better that way. Or, I guess you could pound it too? But I make my husband to that part! It grosses me out!

    • Laura that would be so awesome if there were such a thing. I too feel like the same pots and pans get washed everyday. My never ending groundhog day. Haha I feel like that movie in many aspects of my life. Especially when it comes to running kids back and forth to practices.

      Funny about pounding chicken. I always have to cover it up because the thought of flying chicken pieces is too gross. Slicing is so much easier and cleaner 😀

  15. One skillet meals are the best! I hate doing dishes. The flavors of this Mexican chicken skillet look amazing. I love cutting chicken in half to make it thinner, plus it’s easier to feed more people :)

    • I dream about having someone to do dishes and laundry for me. Wouldn’t that be great?! I use to pound the chicken to make it thinner, but this is so much easier. It seems that every time I buy chicken breasts the are bigger and bigger. I can’t eat a whole one, but slicing them in half makes a more reasonable portion.

  16. Ohh Yumm!! love this Mexican chicken skillet meal.. its got everything I love; spicy, tangy, cheesy.. perfect!! One skillet meals are the best.. quick, easy, hassle free and mess free.. 😉

    • I think this is pretty near perfect 😀 It is so flavorful and easy to make. Plus, super easy cleanup! Thanks Arpita 😀

  17. What a perfect 1 pot meal for summer! These flavors sound delicious Cindy : )

    • Thanks Natalie 😀 I’m finding summer is passing way to fast to be stuck in the kitchen. Quick and easy is my favorite

  18. First time here. Such a colorful dish! Definitely making this tonight. always looking for fast ,1 pot meal dinner ideas and this one is perfect.

    • We love this meal and it is so quick to make. Thanks Sonali I’m so happy you stopped by. I’m going to go visit your blog 😀

  19. This dish looks amazing, Cindy — I love everything about it! And yes, cheese…plenty of cheese is always welcome! My kids don’t clean up after me yet, so I especially love the one pot thing, and 15 minutes is really fast. Pinning!

    • Thanks Marcie 😀 I use to be so crazy about how everything is cleaned, but they have learned and now are doing the work too 😀 It’s an important skill, right?
      This is meal cooks up so fast. I love it! Thanks so much for the Pin, friend 😀

  20. Cindy this looks so delicious and healthy too!!

  21. 15 minutes in one skillet, can’t beat that! Pinned! Also going out on Twitter and FB tomorrow! :)

  22. Cindy this is gorgeous and delicious. I am all about having a good balance of flavor and texture as well.

  23. Love the sound of this…and the fact that it is a skillet dinner…makes me wonder why I don’t have a board of skillet dinners lol! Looks so yummy!

    • Thanks Phi! I think everyone needs a good list of skillet dinners. Here is one of many to start your own list 😀

  24. Love the pretty colors of this dish, Cindy! Hehe I hate doing dishes too and have definitely been feeling lazier so quick one skillet meals are perfect :) Pinning :) Love the flavors in here – sounds delicious!

    • Dishes are the worst. I started teaching my kids to wash dishes. The look on my son’s face is priceless. He doesn’t like touching anything dirty. Haha I say welcome to my world!
      Thanks for the Pin Kelly! Hope you have a great weekend

  25. Keep up the one skillet meals! I love them, especially when they involve Mexican food. The pops of color that the corn and tomatoes give makes the meal feel bright and fresh and cheery. Ha, yes, cheese does make everything better; my brothers are firm believers in that! Pinning!

    • You got it! I have a pretty long list 😀 Don’t you just love colorful meals?! I sure do. Thanks for the Pin Mary Frances!

  26. Did you say 15 minutes!?!? Now this is my kind of dinner: one skillet, under 20 minutes. Voila dinner is served! Delicious!

    • I sure did! You won’t believe how fast this dinner cooks up. Slicing the chicken in half makes a huge difference and you are still getting a good portion of protein 😀

  27. What a delicious one skillet meal for busy weekdays!! I love this one! Looks so summery!

  28. I have not made mexican food in WAY too long. This looks lovely Cindy – and healthy of course :) Love the corn on the bottom, and use of spices and lime juice. I adore lime juice with mexican food. I always need limes to squeeze over tacos or what not. Thanks Cindy!

    • Ohm you so need to hop to and make this dinner. I love using limes. I think I like them better than lemons, if that is possible. They add a great contrast of flavor. It is just delicious!

  29. One skillet meals are the best. I love all the texture and flavor you have here. A great weeknight meal that my hubby would love.

  30. Cindy, this meal looks like a dish served from a restaurant! Love the mix of colors and textures. And that it’s a one-post dish – those are invaluable! We’ve really been into Mexican-inspired meals lately, so the flavors in here are sure to be a winner. Yum!

    • You are sweet Alyssa 😀 I do think it makes a nice presentation with all those great colors. I think you can never have enough Mexican food.

  31. Robyn says:

    Cindy, we must have been twins in a previous life. I love cheese, I`m obsessed with one skillet dinners, I have to have different textures in my food, and wowsa! colours! Did I mention I love quick, healthy, easy, too! lol. Thanks for a fabulous recipe!

  32. I’m with ya – one skillet meals are perfect for busy weekdays! This sounds awesome – I can never have enough mexican recipes! And with those 2 cups of fresh corn… yum!

    • I’m a little Mexican Food and skillet meal obsessed. It would only be natural to combine the two 😀 Have a great weekend Ashley!

  33. I think we would all like to be obsessed with one skillet dinners. They are so easy! And clean up is a snap. Most of us try to put too many things into one day, so quick and tasty is very very very good. This fits that bill.

    • So many times I tell myself to slow down, but then I feel like I need to be doing something. It is a never ending battle with myself. Thankfully, I am smart enough to know I can get things done and put a great dinner together quickly. Thanks Carol.

  34. Hi Cindy, one pot meals are the best, love this combination with chicken.

    • Thanks Cheri 😀 I am obsessed with one pot meals. I love how cooking in one pot allows all the flavors to combine so beautifully.

  35. Yum, love all these flavors. And the simplified method is great for weeknights!

  36. You and me both!!! I’m totally into 1 pot meals now. You have a board dedicated to it on pinterest?! Totally checking that out. This looks fab and definitely a must try. :) Have a lovely weekend!!

  37. I am a total sucker for one dish meals! They just make life so much easier!

  38. I think some of the best recipes are quick, healthy, easy, one-skillet, and flavorful. This has all of them. Thanks so much for the recipe. Pinning it now!

    • Thanks Heather! You are so right. Something about getting something good that cooks quickly that makes the meal even better. Goes to show big flavors don’t have to take hours. Thanks so much for the Pin!

  39. I live for one skillet meals. I cannot wait to try this one! Pinned!

  40. Yep, my favourite kind of dinner, too!! I love all the lovely Mexican flavours in this … and the best thing is that I can enjoy it with very little effort. Definitely a bonus! :-)


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